The future is vintage

Our clothes do not have to tear and wear on our natural resources
Clothing production is one the most polluting industries of all. This noxious industry thrives on the ever-changing trend spectrum, fuelling the devastating consequences of mass-production and clothing waste. The global sustainability outlook commands greater resource regulation and a more circular economy for the fashion industry. With eighty billion clothing items fabricated every year, our fast-fashion process comes with a massive environmental cost. We must act now.
Reusing clothes allow for the possibility of massively decreasing the undesirable impacts of consumption, wastage, and environmental contamination. Restoring and recycling unwanted clothing items can conceivably diminish waste and the negative environmental impacts of mass clothing production. The concept of re-using clothes emerged as an outcome of the critique towards mass-produced clothes, with the realisation of minimising the excessive amount of waste-produced thrown-away clothing items.


Each piece of our collections is vintage or preloved, and restored from being wasted. Each item is checked in terms of material, state, and appearance, to make sure that all our pieces are of very high standard and long-lasting. We do this by individually selecting each item, to ensure a perfect state and quality. As we handpick vintage items, there is a chance the piece has been used before. Naturally, some pieces may show subtle signs of wear. Any visible signs of wear are always accurately listed in the description of each piece, and we choose to embrace these as an appreciation of the garment’s previous life.


We always check each item and carefully repair any wear or tears. We also offer a selection of individually remade items, ranging from small alterations in size to new designs. These alterations are done in Amsterdam, the same city as we are based and the same city where we ship out our products to you. We appreciate the skill and handcraft put into any alterations, turning something old into something unique and new.

We always aim to be completely transparent with our day-to-day processes, if you have any further questions you can always reach out at

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