A LØV story

Founded in Sweden in 2020, LØV Vintage is a one-woman-business led by one creative. Our core mission is to offer a sustainable solution to both timeless and lasting vintage clothing with a touch of Scandinavian minimalism.  

Although based in Amsterdam, LØV was established in Skåne, the most Southern region of Sweden. Each item is a classic piece, rejuvenated and given a new life through the influence of Swedish simplicity and style. Each vintage item has been restored and amended to offer lasting and qualitative clothing items, without the impact of hazardous manufacturing processes.

Sustainability is at the core of LØV Vintage, with a burning philosophy that high fashion does not have to exist by tearing on the earth’s sacred resources. We believe that trend and style is expressed by both outer appearance and underlying production processes. Circularity is the future of consumption and LØV strives to transform the current mass-consumed fashion industry towards the development and implementation of a renewable fashion industry. This vision is mirrored by means of our name, as LØV is defined as the leaf of a plant. This is our symbol of the fashion revolution.

Thank you for supporting LØV and especially thank you for supporting the circular fashion industry.

Lots of love,


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